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Productions Present and Past


Brett and Ashley meet at the White House just before 9/11 and the national crisis seals their romance. 15 years later, an incident from the past threatens to upend everything they have achieved in their lives.

Women's Work Short Play Lab -

New Perspectives Theatre Company 

Chanon Judson (Director)

**Originally scheduled for Summer 2020, currently delayed due to COVID19 theater closures.  


An estranged couple returns to their deserted cabin in the woods to pack it up. A storm moves in, a strange, mysterious child appears…

could this be their stolen child come home?


Skylight Theatre, Los Angeles, CA  - 2017

Denise Blasor (Director),

Gary Grossman, Tony Abatemarco

(Artistic Directors)


"Compelling, topical and one-of-a-kind production. Emotional and evocative, this story captures human truths in ways that are beyond the everyday world

we choose to see. A thrilling ride

everyone should experience this summer."  

- Discover Hollywood review

“Great pieces leave you thinking about them…

and this is one of those. It resonated”

- KUCI (audio)


Amanda and Karl are the stars of their graduating art school class: talented, in love and about to go head-to-head in a high profile contest that will make the winner’s career. But then one of them makes a decision that forever changes the lives and futures of all three young artists.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland - 2009

Sarah Zinsser (Director), 

Ines Wurth (Producer).

The Powerhouse Theater, Santa Monica, CA - 2009

Sarah Zinsser (Director).


**** “Jennifer Rowland’s well-crafted, moving script asks pertinent questions about the priorities and necessary selfishness of the artist, about the need to put career before love, and of the pressures that structured career plans can place on very young lives. Performances of depth and grace, particularly Jules Willcox as luminous, vulnerable Amanda and Heleya de Barros’ manipulative ingénue Faith, elevate it into something special."

- The List

**** “A thought-provoking look at how one careless decision can change the course of your life and everyone around you. This performance is full of passion, exploring core values, morals and desires. It challenges the audience at every turn, and questions whether what we get is every really what we wanted – with some valuable lessons. The performers are extremely convincing and committed to their roles, which just heightens the electric atmosphere of the many twists and turns of an original and innovative plot”.

- ScotsGay

“Rowland’s cleverly constructed tale has few pat answers and a psychological deftness that resonates. Director Sarah Zinsser and her cast invest Rowland’s stylish play with gut-wrenching immediacy”.

- LA Times


San Francisco, November, 1984. Morning in America, but chaos at the Blackburn residence. This world premiere comedy about ambition, passion, and obligation, pits a father’s aspirations against his daughter’s dreams. A funny, sweet, and touching new play, “The Indians Are Coming to Dinner” serves up dysfunction, enlightenment, opera, and some bad curry.


Pacific Resident Theatre, Venice, CA - 2012

Julia Fletcher (Director)
Marilyn Fox (Artistic Director)



— Backstage

“…Rowland’s talent for social comedy shines.”
- Los Angeles Times - Charlotte Stoudt

“Well-written play performed by a superb cast“

“Hilarious scenes”


“…Highly original and thoroughly entertaining…” “intelligent direction…” “all round splendid cast”

- - Steven Stanley

“Rowland has written a clever, resonant, sly script. The stuff that dreams are made of!”

- The Hollywood Progressive - Ed Rampell

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