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San Francisco, November, 1984. Morning in America, but chaos at the Blackburn residence. This world premiere comedy about ambition, passion, and obligation, pits a father’s aspirations against his daughter’s dreams. A funny, sweet, and touching new play, “The Indians Are Coming to Dinner” serves up dysfunction, enlightenment, opera, and some bad curry.

Critical Acclaim for The Indians...

“Impeccably acted and exquisitely designed...This intelligent and affecting work is being given a Superlative world-premiere staging

…very funny…hilarious…”

CRITIC’S PICK!  — Backstage  More

“…Rowland’s talent for social comedy shines.”
Los Angeles Times – Charlotte Stoudt

“Well-written play performed by a superb cast“ “Hilarious scenes”
Recommended – More

“…Highly original and thoroughly entertaining…” “intelligent direction…” “all round splendid cast” More– Steven Stanley

“Rowland has written a clever, resonant, sly script.
The stuff that dreams are made of!” —
Ed Rampell, The Hollywood Progressive 

The Indians Are Coming to Dinner: Books
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