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The Snow Queen kidnaps a boy and imprisons him in her frozen palace; a man steps in front of a bus at Washington Square and now lies motionless in a hospital room; a woman running from her recent past happens into the room when the man wakes. He does  remember anything about himself, his life or the accident. The woman is hurt and fragile, but the man’s suffering moves her and she reluctantly agrees to try to help him recover his memory and identity.  The only thing he recalls before landing in the hospital is a snow storm, Washington Square Park and a large frozen woman driving a sleigh. As the two chip away at the mystery of the man’s life and secrets, the woman’s own life is revealed and they find themselves drawn together as well as torn apart by the bonds they share. “The Cold Inside” is a romance about two people rediscovering love and the frozen place that must be melted in order to let happiness back in.

Cast of Characters

Gemma, 40's

Kevin, 40's

Young Kevin, 13

Woman, early 20's through late 30's

Man, Age 13 to late 30's

The Snow Queen


Samantha, early 30's

The Cold Inside: Project
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